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We are proud to offer these services to you. Our incredibly passionate team is here for you.

We offer full design and CAD capability. We can help you to realise your dream and then manage all aspects of value engineering to hit the right budgets.
It’s not always easy to see the right solution but with skilled and experienced staff that understand the retail space, we can make you stand out from the crowd.
Using up to the minute technology we can offer store surveys with a difference.
With specialist camera techniques and bespoke rendering engines we can bring your space to life. We can gain a unique insight into how the whole project will run and how best to utilise space in the store environment. Even better, these kinds of surveys cost no more than a normal dimensional survey.
We pride ourselves on producing displays of the highest quality and to strict timelines. We understand the pressures and have a full quality sign off process to make sure every unit you receive is faultless.
We can offer full installation if required or we can work with your installers to make sure the roll out is perfect. We believe in total collaboration with all of your suppliers to make everything run smoothly.

Where does our expertise lie?

  • In-store POS (Point of Sale)

  • POP (Point of Purchase)

  • Latest retail technologies

  • 2D 3D artwork – Both digital and print

  • Temporary or permanent retail display fixtures

  • Bespoke retail displays

  • Retail SIS (Shop in Shops)

  • Retail store refits

  • Exhibitions

  • Installation

Whether its wood, solid surface, laminated or painted panels we are completely at home. A highly skilled workforce coupled with leading edge technology makes our joinery second to none.
Through the use of skilled, modern, precision engineering design techniques and the latest hi tech kit we can offer durable and modular metal displays with any type of specialist finish.
We offer a wide range of finishing for acrylics, using state of the art equipment we can build entire displays or simple point of sale holders.
Specialist materials
Along with our ability to work with simple materials we also offer specialist expertise in the more high-end materials, from solid surface to specialist laminates and modern powder coating finishes.

Meet the future.

The world’s first 3D Holographic Display Solution
Create, display & manage awe-inspiring 3D holographic visuals that appear to be floating in mid-air

LED Display Solutions

Brand new LED Displays solutions. The highest quality and performance displays powered by the LED technology.

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