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March 31, 2021by admin0
QR Codes – Are you behind your competitors without it?

QR codes have been around for a while now. Originally developed for the automotive industry in Japan, it has evolved into something that is now indispensable for brands wanting to engage with their consumers. More importantly, it is proven in helping increase sales and bringing people closer to a brand’s narrative.

There is so much amazing tech out there to help show off products but a lot of it is cost-prohibitive, especially with smaller low-ticket items. QR codes radically change this, with the right content generation and relatively small licensing fees you can now give consumers more information, relay retail-specific promotional campaigns and even make the sale.

The QR solution just keeps giving, even once the initial interaction is made, it doesn’t end there, the wealth of data and ability to stay in touch opens fresh new marketing insights. There is no excuse now to just having a product plonked on the shelf, from cars to single beauty items a brand can start to answer the questions, helping to build whole new relationships, the Why, When and How your products are shopped, the numbers of shoppers and for how long and how deeply they are immersed in your products.QR Codes - Solution ideass

With the changes in the retail environments and shopper’s health and confidence, the whole QR experience is touch-free, no more than a quick scan with a mobile phone camera and you have access to a wealth of data and incentives to help make that purchasing decision.

Surveys have shown great strides in how shoppers see QR codes and their benefits. The recent trend in the hospitality sector to reduce the touchpoints in service has meant that many more people have used and seen the benefits of a QR code solution. There is no longer the need to worry about special downloads, the new solutions make it the easiest way for consumers to engage.

Device usage across the board is at an all-time high, recent events have seen a huge upturn in people either educating themselves in new tech to function better during a lockdown or finding new ways to utilise their existing tech to take more control, in other words to arm themselves with more information.

The retail solutions are limitless from upselling to add-ons. Why sell just the kettle when you can give the consumer the ability to tack on the toaster, help add a value in-store that can close the sale.

Advancing the sale and offering extra’s and updates the shopper may not have considered can begin a cycle of brand loyalty that even the best targeted online campaigns can’t compete with.

So, the next time you are in store, just run your mobile over one of these little unassuming black and white patterns and see what you can learn, maybe even walk away with a bargain.

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