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March 2, 2021by admin0

Retails coming back!

It’s coming back,
it’s coming back,
it’s coming,
retails coming back


Watching the updates on the news and hearing dates for the end of the lockdown, the tune to football’s coming home came to me as the prime minister told us when non-essential retail would finally come back. Well, why not, it’s an upbeat song which most of us associate with that wonderful feeling of positivity (admittedly that feeling is soon one of disappointment when watching football!) but humming along to it for ‘retail’s coming back’ feels different because it’s actually going to happen…. and soon.

We all have our personal wish lists for the things we want to do once we reach that now obtainable light at the end of the tunnel. Whether it’s hugging our loved ones, catching up with friends at the pub, or having a well-earned holiday it will enhance our moods and give us all the positive outlook we need.

And what comes with this added boost, yes shopping. Not the sit at the kitchen table shopping we are all used to, but the real touchy-feely kind, the kind that uses all our senses, touch, sight, smell, the kind of shopping that really can attach us to a brand. In fact, it’s the only way for a brand to really show what it truly is, to create an atmosphere that stays in the memory.

The digital age and buying online has become so much bigger, but there is something else that recent events have taught us, think of a world where everything we buy is online, food, electronics, clothing. A world without highstreets, no supermarkets, no car showrooms or magnificent retail outlets that adorn our cities, high streets with nothing but, estate agents and endless coffee shops – Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against estate agents and coffee is… well coffee.

This seems like a very bleak outlook, especially when after a year of being locked away we all need to promote a sense of getting together seeing each other. Shopping isn’t just about purchasing items, it’s the people watching, the atmosphere created by the bustle of people, and the anticipation of making a purchase.

Point of sale has now become something more, yes it means hopefully a sale, but more than that, it’s the opportunity to build and enhance the brand, to tell a story in the seconds or minutes that someone engages with it, to remind consumers just what a brand can mean to their lives.

Retail must do what digital cannot.

At Display 47 we spend time in stores, all sorts of stores. We see magnificent displays which we remember, and we also see awful displays that really don’t take much to forget, opportunities lost and gained in equal measure. We use these experiences to guide our clients, to come up with engaging pieces that give people reasons to remember your brand.

Football may not be coming home yet! but retail is coming back, I for one cannot wait!

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