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February 16, 2021by admin0

Its Time!

How do you reset your procurement?
How do you make sure you are getting the value you need?
How do you get more bang for your buck?


Affirmative answers to these questions are easier than you think, recent circumstances give us all the perfect opportunity to reset everything. Ask yourself, are you really getting the best value.

Some of us have to say that we probably can look at everything we buy and really sharpen our pencils in most departments.

Recent events have made us change the way we look at business, working from home and whole new ways of communicating are now part of our lives. We have had time to take stock of everything around us, from a positive angle this is the time to restart our perspective of value and great service.


Display 47 has set itself to help you reset your procurement, we have been part of both sides of the buying coin, we have researched margins across all aspects of retail display and realized that perfect service, smooth stress-free roll-outs, and knowledgeable communication don’t have to cost the earth. All this and everything designed, built, and installed using a UK supplier base.

During our days in buying, we could never understand the focus on buying from Asia and Eastern Europe, in our experience companies doing this just added that extra layer of possible problems. Our initial reaction was that maybe British manufacturers were just too expensive, but that just isn’t the case, British manufacturers are just as competitive as any other market, which begs the question why are some retail displays so expensive? Yes, you guessed it, its service margins.


So, Display 47 was set up to give the best of everything we have seen as buyers, to learn from all the poor experiences, and above all to do it with real value in mind, to keep pricing consistent and add that extra something that clients can see daily.

We offer a large range of services in retail, trade shows, and exhibitions – Design, drawing, production and installation, point of sale materials and merchandising, store surveying, and compliance reporting.

We love what we do and can’t wait to discuss your future plans.

So why not hit the reset button @ and start 2021 with the value you deserve.

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