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February 9, 2021by admin0

Retail Technology

Interactive technology within retail is now more important than ever, the ability to close that often-elusive unattended sale has become a huge part of any brand’s armory.

The difficulty for a lot of brands and retailers is finding the right solution that works and above all is reliable. We all see the posts on social media showing new and wonderful tech that will supposedly enhance our shopping experience, how many of us are seeing these things in store? If we are, how well do they work?

We have seen a trend in retail, complicated systems in-stores just for the sake of using emerging technology, we have all stood in front of an amazing looking display with lovely shiny buttons and touch screens only to find ourselves locked out or buttons not working, this is the nightmare scenario for brands! I am certainly put off the product when confronted with malfunctioning demos.

There are some simple questions to ask about your current tech or what you are planning to use:

Is it simple and enticing to all shoppers?

Is it constantly reliable whatever the retail environment?

Does it do what you want it to do?

Is it a memorable experience for shoppers?

Does it lead to a sale?

I know sensible questions, unfortunately not asked enough. At Display 47 we understand how important it is to have the right technology partner.

Not just knowing the technology but understanding the retail environments, the shoppers, the displays, and the branding and marketing which sit behind it all. People with a passion that can explain the tech in simple terms.

There was only one choice for Display 47, Myplayer, we have been lucky enough to work with these guys for many years, a working relationship that has proved fruitful. We won’t give our clients anything but the best retail technology when it comes to demonstrating their products, so Myplayer fits with us perfectly.

Myplayer supply off-shelf simple button systems to full bespoke visual touch screen solutions that fit perfectly with any brand. We work closely together to make sure everything fits within the brand guidelines and gives the shopper the best experience.

It doesn’t just stop with the display, full content packages with the ability to update campaigns from a laptop, remote maintenance plans, and interaction data mean we are with you for the long term. Display 47 and Myplayer understand the importance of long-term relationships with clients so that we can advise and support as your customer journeys evolve.

As you all know technology is changing at an incredible speed and can sometimes be difficult to keep up, with Myplayer there is a constant flow of information, letting us know what they are working on and what they will be doing in the future. This is passed on to all of our clients, so they always have the right information to make decisions going forward. There are very few companies with such a passion for what they do, the fact that they are also just a great group of people makes them the perfect partner.




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